You Have to Die to Go to Heaven

The first four words sound morbid, but the rest of it is what most people hope to achieve (those who believe in higher powers). That’s exactly what winners understand and do (the morbid part) in order to achieve their goals (heaven). Everyone wants to have nice things in life. They want to travel, excel in…


You Don’t Have to Be a Genius

Even though there is so much in life that you don’t know; you can still enjoy life to it’s fullest with what you do know whilst continuing to learn everyday. Winners know that they don’t need to know how something works. As long as it works, and they can make the most of it, they…


Work Your Passion

We all have passions in life. The difference is winners do what they are passionate about when most people don’t. Winners work their passion, and hence, they never see what they do as a chore. The majority however, feels like every task in their life is an unpleasant one. It’s no wonder most people are…


Shut Up And Be Mediocre

I’m tired of seeing lazy and ignorant people who are sitting on their asses talking big talk.
Hope this video inspires you, pisses you off or do both to force you into a decision.
Shut up and be mediocre. Or Get Your Ass Up & Work Hard.
You’re Welcome


Positivity Will Only Take You So Far

The other day I was invited over for a cup of coffee at a friend’s place, as we had not met for a long time. Naturally, when we met she was quite excited. We sat and started chatting about old times. Whilst talking she went to make a pot of coffee, she picked up the…


More than a Game of One

One day on a thirty-minute break whilst working at McDonalds, I remember looking up after having devoured my lunch. The pin-up note read: TEAM = Together Everyone Achieves More It made enough sense to me in the context of working at McDonalds, after all, we all worked together to ensure the restaurant functioned smoothly. However,…